Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

I had so many thoughts to write about today and as I sit here, I can't remember one of them. What is that a sign of? Don't tell me!

I seem to be on the mending trail today. My tailbone still feels funny and I can tell that there is still some swelling there. It is really a weird feeling. It's a little strange driving while leaning to one side, it kinda throws you off. But I'm the mama, and the mama has to keep the family moving!

Today was Ethan's first basketball game. His team won, so that was exciting. It was actually a good game, with the winning basket being made 2 seconds before the timer ran out.

Speaking of Ethan, yesterday he saw me walking around with my ice pack strapped around my rear and he said, "so is that what you call a fanny pack?" HAHAHAHA - funny boy, that Ethan. He acts just like his father.

Did I tell you that we had a snow day yesterday? We did. The problem was that there was no snow and the sun was shining. I really didn't understand, as all of the county school only had two hour delays and we were cancelled. Our school is in town... so whatever.

Now, tomorrow may be another story. We are supposed to get 7-10 inches tonight. I really don't want it to snow. I don't like the cold. I want warm and pretty, not cold and cloudy. sigh.

Last year we got a ton of snow on Valentine's Day. My hubby didn't even go to work because we were snowed in. I've added a few pictures from this event.

You gotta love those snow plows!

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Alana said...

We had a snow day today and I was thrilled! It was our first snow of the season, though. It looks like we may have snow day #2 tomorrow. I'm hoping we can get out of the house at some point, though!