Saturday, January 26, 2008

Friday Full O' Fun

Before I even get started with this post, I have a little question. IS it possible for a 10 year old boy to take a shower in 30 seconds? Mine swears it can be done. I know I just heard the water turn on and he is already out.

Anyway, I want to tell you about my wonderful Friday. And by wonderful, I mean annoying. But before I get into that part of the day I will tell about Ethan's Fifth Grade Tea. Every year the students do a tea and parents and grandparents are invited to the school to hear them sing and then visit the classrooms. Friday was the day for the 5th grade. Sarah's and Ben's will be later on in the spring. This was Ethan's last one because next year he will be in middle school. I can't talk about that though because I will start to hy.per.venti.late and well, that would be bad.

Here is his class. They sang some fun songs. One song was in Spanish and they did one about the 50 states. They really did a very good job. Their music teacher was my choir director in high school... we won't talk about that either.
Here is the annual "picture with the teacher" picture. I have one from every year. Maybe I'll do a post of those when his elementary graduation gets closer....throat...closing...up....
This is where my day started to get really wonderful, or annoying. I got a letter in the mail about a month ago telling me that the information between the BMV and the Social Security office didn't match and that my D.L. would be invalid by next Thursday if I didn't get it taken care of. So, on Thursday I called the SS office and asked them what I needed to bring to the office to get this taken care of. I wanted to know because I had to drive 40 minutes to get to the closest office and I didn't want to get there with the wrong stuff. She told me that I needed something with my old name and my new name. I asked if my old SS card would work and my birth cert. and then my D.L. and my marriage lic. She says "sure, that will work."
SO... I get over to the office and wait 45 minutes before they call me number. I get up to the counter and she asks for my stuff. I hand the lady my marriage license and she says, "this won't work."


This won't work. It has to be certified. Oh, and this SS card isn't the id that I need.


So I nicely say, " This is why I called yesterday. I think that you all need to be a little more specific when give information out."

She says. 'Well, if you would have done this 12 years ago, you wouldn't have to worry about it."

Now, have you ever seen those signs that say "no guns" on them? I can totally understand why the SS office has one of those because a perfectly sane person could be tempted to use one there!

Oh, I do kid. I wouldn't hurt a fly! But seriously, I was shaking.

To make a long story short, I had to get my school transcripts (scary) and a CERTIFIED copy of my marriage license. You see, I did send my stuff in after I got married, but apparently if you don't ever get a card then they didn't get what they needed. They just don't tell you that.


I came all the way back home, went and got all of the paperwork that I needed, picked the kids up from school and drove BACK to the SS office. Yes, 40 minutes away. The good news is that I got everything taken care of and my new card is on it way!

On the way back home, we stopped and picked up Tasha and Maggie and took them home with us. Scotty joined us when he got off of work. We had pizza and peach pie and watched Evan Almighty. The kids had ice cream that we found in these cute little containers. I couldn't resist them.

Here's my Maggie Anne eating her ice cream. She's a hoot and a half!
Sarah was more interested in the gameboy than in the ice cream.
As was Ben

You don't even want to know how many calories are in that little tub o' ice cream.

On a bright note, I did get to go to Hobby Lobby BEFORE I went to the SS office, priorities people. Their scrapbooking stuff was 50% off and I just had to take advantage of that! I also found this cute little sign for my front door. I love it so much and it was 30% off.

Saturday was happier! :)

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Alana said...

I actually had a semi-pleasant experience at the DMV a couple of weeks ago...WEIRD!