Tuesday, January 22, 2008

GPS Love

Yesterday, nothing. Today, it just keeps flowing out. Three posts in one day.

I am taking a scrapbooking break to put the kids to bed and since they are in the middle of a mean game of Battleship, I have a few minutes to tell you this story from the other night.

We were coming home from the concert on Friday night and Eric had his GPS with him because it's his baby. We knew exactly where we were going, but the GPS is so much more fun!
Anyhoo, we got the kids all settled with their DS Lites and boxes of candy from Wal-Mart because, well, I'm all about keeping them entertained while we are in a confined space. Things go so much better...for me. Eric got his GPS all ready and we took off for home.
Now, have any of you seen those commercials for the GPS? For example, the little voice will say "turn right ... in 50 meters", but the guy turns into the building. Well, there is one where the guy talks to the little voice. To make a long story short, kids DO remember everything they see and hear because Eric's GPS "lady" came on and said, "Your exit is in half a mile". Ben said, without looking up from his game, "Thank ya baby, I luuuvvv you."

I nearly wet my pants. It was so funny.

I found the commercial on YouTube. Gotta Love it!

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