Monday, January 14, 2008

NaNaNaNa, NaNaNaNa, Heyheyhey, Goodbye!!

Well, we finally got rid of the 14 year old sofa. We had it for 11 years, Eric had it for 1 year before that and his parents had it for 2 years before that. We were in need of a new one, but with three kids and Sally, 3 babysitting kids and a husband (haha) I wasn't too worried about getting a new one just yet.

BUT, Eric saw a flyer hanging up at work and called about this sofa with a queen-sized hide-a-bed. The guy works with him and told him that since it was Eric, he would sell it to us for $150.00.

This thing is practically brand new! It is in perfect condition and the mattress looks like it has never been used. Praise the Lord! They also gave us a lamp, valences and a vase that matched it.

So here is what I found when I got home from my meeting tonight:

Yes, that's Emma, our sitter, holding my front door in the middle of my living room.

Nancy and Eric carrying out the old sofa. Eric picked up our pastor's son, Nathan, to help us. God bless those PK's!

Only one minor snafu, our storm door got broken, but we needed a new one anyway.

The old sofa in our front yard. My brother-in-law took it to give a family that lost all of their belongings in the flood last week.

The new sofa! This picture doesn't do it justice.

The kids, having their last sit on the only sofa we've ever owned. I realize that this picture confirms what you all have probably thought of me, I am a little crazy! It's like 22 degrees outside and those are my children sitting on a sofa... in our front yard...with traffic driving by. Classy, Iknow.


Suzi said...

Yay for the new sofa! It's gorgeous! How fun! I love the last picture too cute:D

Alana said...

Out with the with the new!

Congrats on the new couch!

Tasha said...

Man,it's the end of an era.I'm kind of sad.(Single tear)But I am also really happy for you!It's really nice!!What a deal!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

THAT is a great shot. Totally classy. I love it.