Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Daily Dose

I have been honored with this sweet little award from Suzi. I kind of feel the same way she does in that it surprises me that people read my blog. I am so appreciative to everyone who reads and leaves comments for me. The comments are the best! I just love 'em! I can't get over how many friendships I have made through this thing. It will be so exciting to meet the ones of you who will be at Siesta Fiesta in August!

So, I get to pick 5 bloggy friends to give this award to. I want to pick you all, but I will stick to just 5. Here's my list:
1. Mary @ Not Before 7 - Love those TTT's!
2. Fran @ Blessed by Him - Fran is one of my newer bloggy friends. I love to read her blog.
3. Alana @ A Kiss, A Hug and A Squeeze - I know that she already got this award, but I just have to give it to her too. Love ya Alana!
4.BigMama - because my day is not complete until I read her blog. She always makes me smile...always!
5. Amanda @ BabyBangs
- This is another "have to read" blog. I don't know that there is anyone as open as Amanda. I appreciate her love for Jesus and her family.

Thanks again, Suzi!


Alana said...

You are so sweet, Darlene! I really appreciate it. We've had fun being bloggy friends haven't we?

Love your list, too, I'm honored to be listed alongside such great bloggers!

Amanda said...

Thank you so much! I would like to thank God for this award. And my laptop. But seriously, thanks for your kind words and for this honor. They mean a lot to me. Blessings to you!

Fran said...

Well, my goodness. I don't feel like "thank you" are the right words! Things like this, well, actually anyone even reading my blog, just take me back a little bit.

I really do love our world of blog friendships! Come over and read my "God Stop Friday" moment. I got to meet a fellow blogger! She's no longer imaginary! :)

I cannot wait to see you in August! Thanks for always blessing me.


Mary@notbefore7 said...

Thanks! What a surprise. Isn't it fun and a bit "strange" at the same time...the way we read other peoples thoughts! Only bloggers can understand it.

So glad you found Tiny Talk! I have a blast reading them too.

I am honored (as Alana is) to be part of your Daily Dose and hope to visit some others you have listed here.