Thursday, January 3, 2008

Day One - Brownies and Advil

So the dropping off of the nieces and nephews went off without a single tear...

except maybe mine.

Oh, kidding,kidding!!

We have had an excitement-filled day here. My sister and her husband went to NYC with the Purdue Glee Club this weekend. They are singing at the Lincoln Center, and since my sister is a director, she had to go. My bro-in-law decided to go with her and make a second honeymoon of it. Therefore, in order to keep her from having to split all the kids up, we are keeping them until Sunday. My kids were so excited!! It really hasn't been too bad. At least, nothing four advil couldn't handle. And perhaps some of these.

Hey, my nephew did tell me that I rocked today, so that makes it all worth it.

I have posted some pictures of the house in mid-destruction. It took me the morning to get a handle on my OCD, but I'm good now.

Here is the living room, complete with our watch poodle, Sally. She barks at the flag waving outside, seriously. That could be one source of my headache.
This is Erin, playing with stickers. This kept her occupied for at least 3 minutes. Oh, and see that Whac-A-Mole Tower in the background? Don't EVER, EVER,EVER buy that for your kids. Take my word for it.
Emma wanted to color. She couldn't find a suitable picture in one of our 25 coloring books, so she's coloring on the back of Sarah's Barbie Math Fun tablet.

I didn't want to wash 21 cups today, so here are the cups on my table that they used all day. This worked well after I got over the table being cluttered all day. It's okay, really.
My computer desk was overtaken by many a Webkin. And a notebook, crayons,a stray paper and some Twizzler chap stick. It is lovely, don't you think?
Eric played nail tech. for the day. He had to work, but at lunch he came home to help me. Bless his heart. The girls wanted their nails painted, so he painted them. What a good Uncle.

This would be Tornado #1 & Tornado #2. They can go through a room in no time flat. I love'em to pieces! How do you like Emma's hat?
Oh, and I'm pretty sure that he had something to do with the mess too! It's a good thing they are so stinkin' cute.
Well, I'm off to pop some popcorn and pour some drinks. They are watching a movie right now, so it is pretty quiet. Except for the little boy standing here, reading over my shoulder saying, "I have a wedgie, wedgie, wedgie!" That's a boy for ya!


Anonymous said...

Bless you! I bet they will look back and remember the time at they stayed at Aunties house with such great memories!

P.S- your hubs gets brownie points for coming home at lunch!

Calvin said...

Looks like you are having a great time.

Eric may have come home at lunch, but what time did he get off work?

Alana said...

Wow, that's one busy household you have right there. Enjoy the craziness...I'm with Suzi, the kids will have great memories of this!