Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!

I hope that everyone had a great New Year's. We went over to my sister's house to celebrate with her family and my cousin, Calvin. This is his first visit here in 11 years...but we're not bitter or anything. You know, just because we've been down to see him like a million times in the past 11 years, but whose counting really?

Anyway, he hoped to be able to see snow falling from the sky in the week that he was here. He got his wish on New Year's Eve. I think we woke up to a couple of inches this morning, so he was happy with that. My sister and I took him sledding, but we'll get to that in a minute.

This post has lots of pictures, but is that really unusual for me? No, it really isn't.

Yesterday my sister and I took one of the girls to the doctor and then we headed for a couple of stores. We hit Kohl's, which had some REALLY good sales, and then Hobby Lobby. I am a scrapbooker, so when things are 50% off, I like to take advantage of it.
While we we're gone, Eric got the camera out and took this picture, which I think is very good. This is Calvin and Emma. She looks cold, doesn't she? She loves to play dress up.

What do you think about this one? Lovely, don't you think?
After we go home, the boys got into the Wii while we made supper. I think Eric and Calvin are playing tennis. Surprisingly, no one got hit in the head.
The kids all have Webkins, so that was also a favorite activity. Here Ben and Caleb are checking on their pets.
This is my nephew, Justin.

We did play a very interesting and addictive game called Settlers of Catan. Have you played it? this is one fun game. Did I mention that I won twice?

I tried to tell him that I can still see him, even with his eyes closed. He hates getting his picture taken.
My sister and I got matching jammies on out little shopping trip. The pants were $4.00 and the shirts were $1.20. Now that's what I call a good stinkin' deal!
It was getting close to midnight here. We were setting up for another game.
Are you confused?
On to the sledding. This morning, Michelle, Calvin and I sneaked out of the house to go sledding. I know, that is just not right. Calvin wanted to get some pictures and we really only planned on going down the hill a couple of times. The problem was that after we got there, we just couldn't stop! He hadn't been sledding in 20 years and I hadn't been sledding in a few. I found out later why it's not one of my favorite things. Towards the end, every.single.bump. gave me a headache. I still have it, six hours later. I think I am going to call the Chiropractor. We did end up calling the hubs and had them bring the kids over. We hadn't planned on doing that, so we had to use all of the hats and gloves that my sister had. It was cold, wet and windy.

The first one is of me and Calvin. He is videoing the ride down with his camera. I'm really not sure what we were talking about at the beginning, but we stand at the top for, like, 30 seconds. I was probably trying to breath! The second video is of Michelle and Calvin. You can hear me breathing in it because, well, that is one huge hill to climb up. That's the down side of sledding.

Doesn't this just look like loads of fun? I really don't like the snow. Thirty-two years with it is long enough!
The kids loved it. Of course, by this time I couldn't feel my fingers and toes. My blue jeans were frozen too. It was grand.
Ethan, giving a thumbs up!
Me and Ben. this was my last time down. My head was pounding. I wish that I would have gotten a video of Ben when he started running down the hill and couldn't stop. That child's legs were movin'! Luckily, he never fell. It was the funniest thing to watch, but I imagine he was scared because he couldn't stop, the hill was too steep. It was nothing a hug couldn't fix!
I think he got over it.

So, that was our New Year's celebration. I hope you all had a fun one too.


Alana said...

Well, it looks like you guys have had some SERIOUS fun over the last several days. So jealous about that snow!! And you and your sister are so cute in your matching jammies!

Sandra said...

It looks like you have had lots of fun. I know Calvin has. It is so weird seeing the snow. I still had some flowers blooming, but finally gave up and cleaned out my flower beds New Year's Eve. I'm still waiting for all the leaves to fall. It's not supposed to get out of the 30's today. That is cold to us. In a couple of days it's supposed to be back in the 60's. You and Michelle look more alike all the time. I like the jammies!

Anonymous said...

You and your sister look so much alike!! It has been cold here and I don't like it! I only like it cold for the holidays I guess! Looks like you guys know how to have a good time...how fun!