Friday, January 18, 2008

It's Friday!!

It's Friday, Yeah! We are so excited that it's Friday around here. We have a busy day scheduled though. Eric decided to take the day off so that he could go with me to all of our "things".
I'm not sure why, but the school spaces the Honor Roll awards programs out throughout the whole day, so we have to go to one at 10am for the two little kids and then to one at 1pm for Ethan. I know! Nothing like breaking up the day! Anyway, we are so proud of our little clan for the work they do in school.

I have had so much fun having Cassidy all week. Her mommy is in Hawaii with her mother for a "bacation" so daddy has been taking care of her all week. He has done such a great job with her. He deserves a gold star! Good Job, Bill! I do have a great Tiny Talk Tuesday that I'm going to do on this subject!

For a Christmas gift, we gave the kids tickets to see PCD in Indy. That concert is tonight. They are soooo excited to go. Ben is anxious to see Randy, his buddy. He's been counting down the days all week. It will be a great time.

By the way, 10 more pounds to go and then I am going to post a before and after shot of myself. I am so close to my goal. I really can't believe how much I've changed and how much healthier I feel.

Have a safe and wonderful Friday,


Alana said...

I can't wait to see the before and after. I need a little inspiration in that area!!

Anonymous said...

You are the bomb;) I can't wait to see how great you look! I'll be inspired to loose all my baby weight after she comes:)