Friday, May 2, 2008

On the Go, Go, Go

Meet my newest little one that I started watching yesterday. She is a sweetheart and so good!
But no, she doesn't make me want another one. I'm perfectly content to hold them and give them back!
Today was Ben's program at school. We had a lot of fun listening to the little kids show off what they have learned over the school year. We also learned that there are only 15 school days left!

This is Mrs. Peterson, she in the aid in Ben's classroom. The kids love her.
This is Ben's teacher and she is also Kylah's grandma. I had her for Kindergarten and first grade and now all of my kids have had her so I told her she is now free to retire! ;)
And now I will pass on something that I learned this afternoon~~
It's NOT a good idea to leave your sunroof open while you are in the store. For even though it's warm and sunny when you enter, it may not be so sunny when you leave. Things may get wet and you might have to run through the pouring rain to close your sunroof when the cashier says something like this to you as you are checking out, "Man, it sure is coming down out there."
Fun times.
Speaking of fun times, Eric and I get to go with 26 K-6th graders tomorrow to a tournament in IL. Oh, and did I mention that we're taking the church bus, which use to be a school bus? And it 4 hours one way? And they can't bring ipods or gameboys? AND I have to wear a skirt...all day...8 hours on a bus? Should be a good time. Really.
I'm sure I'll have pictures, don't be surprised if there's duct tape. (oh, I'm kidding)


JP's MOM said...

The duct tape cracked me up!

Rhonda said...

Skirt. 8 hours. Kids with nothing to do on a road trip.

God bless Darlene!

Anonymous said...

I hope you bring lots of songs to sing and color books as wells as I found a... BINGO. We did this on a field trip with kids they loved it. They had to look for a Mcdonalds A stop sign, a farm, a RR crossing sign, a name a squrare from there have fun

Alana said...

enjoy your trip...I see thumb wars in your future...