Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It Was a Wonderful Day, Indeed!

This was a great day! ***UPDATED***

First and foremost, I had a doctor's appointment today to have something checked that seemed a little wonky (that's totally a word, just ask Boomama). As it turns out, I'm fine and that is something to be very thankful for!

After my doctor's appointment, Tasha and I met my sister and her girls for lunch at Moe's. Yummy Mexican food is served there daily! We proceeded to the mall to do some bargain shopping. I found some fall clothes for the two younger kids and a t-shirt that said I put ketchup on my ketchup for Ethan. I also found a t-shirt for me:

I realize that some of you have no clue what this shirt is all about, but I also know that some of you do. It's funny and made me laugh.

We also went to Meijer and took advantage of the bargain of the century!

Yes, we are standing in the middle of the parking lot and my nephew is taking our picture. It's sad that we felt the need to drag an innocent 9 year old into the midst of our insanity! Anyway, do you see all that Country Time? That is 72 canisters of lemonade.... we paid $.58 for 6!

That's $1.16 for a dozen

And $2.32 for 24

And $4.64 for 48

And $6.96 for ALL 72!! I KNOW!!!

That's less than ten cents a canister!!

That's my sister for ya, she is the queen of the bargain shopping...the queen.

All that lemonade is being divided between the three of us, church and my mom's daycare.

OR we could open up a lemonade stand and make a kickin' profit!

Thank you Kraft!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

UPDATE~~~~ JP's Mom asked how we did this, so here it is~ They were selling the lemonade buy one get two free. My sister bought six and paid $4.58. When she did that, the little coupon machine at the checkout counter spit out a $4 Kraft coupon to use on her next order. She went back and got LOTS more and bought them 6 at a time and got a coupon each time to use on the next order. She paid fifty-eight cents for each set of 6. That was Monday, on Tuesday She went with us and I used the $4 coupon that she had from the day before and every time I bought six I would get a coupon to use on my next set of six. Then Tasha did hers and at the end, she gave my sister the last $4 coupon that she got and so my sister ended up with her $4 coupon back. Does that make sense? If you have a Meijer close to you, check to see if they are doing this. I don't know if all of them do the same specials.

This is basically how my sister feeds a larger family on so little. She waits for the deals and then stocks up. She has the room for it and watches her dates closely. It works well for her, unless she comes home from church on a Sunday night to find her upright freezer door open...

...yep, that could ruin your night real fast!


Fran said...

That is awesome!! And, I have no idea what the shirt means...all I could think of is Mississippi State but I think I'm probably wrong!

I have an idea...have the kids do a lemonade stand and donate all that fabulous money to a kids charity! We did that last year at church and raised a TON of cash for St. Jude.

Have a blessed day Darlene! God is good!

Teri said...

The t-shirt...hilarious. (SNL.)

the lemonade...ummm I need your queen..er...sister! Seriously, bargain shopping is one thing but this deal is like they almost paid you to take that lemonade!

(I totally would have taken a picture too!)

Have a great Wednesday!

~*Kathi*~ said...

Wow, that is a great bargain...I need a store like that near by...it sounds like a great day...I love shopping...I have no idea what that shirt meant, but I am glad that you got it!!

JP's MOM said...

How and why was that lemonade so cheap?

Please do tell.

Rhonda said...

I vote for the lemonade stand. Then you would have more money to buy more lemonade, and then you could open up a chain of lemonade stands! lol!

Rochelle said...

WOW! That's quite a deal! There are no Meijers here and I miss going there. We will be in Indiana in July and I plan to stop there to stock up on a few items I can find there! Like no added sugar and no added salt creamy peanut butter for $1.99 a jar!! :)

JP's MOM said...

That is awesome! Thanks for the update.

I have only been to that store once, but i wish we had one here!