Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Playing catch up...and hey, another cake!

I am finally getting around to posting some pictures of the first grade tea from school. Sarah's program, which they call a tea for some reason, was last Friday. Her teacher also took the time to let her class learn some little plays and they did those for us, too. Ben's is this Friday and then we will be done with the teas for this year.

The guy in the background is the principal. Does it surprise you that there is not a whole lot of trouble at this school? He's a good guy, a Christian, the kids know who's boss!
And looky who I got to watch on Friday! :)
Nina Judy (Eric's mom)
Nina Felicia (my mom)
This was the Johnny Appleseed play. Sarah was Johnny's Ma. Can you believe my ma still has a hat that looks like a Little House on the Prairie hat? Yep, she does and Sarah wore it for this play.

The little boy that was supposed to be the third little pig in The Big, Bad Wolf was not there, so Sarah played his part because apparently she had it memorized as well!
Here is Sarah's teacher. She is an awesome teacher that truly LOVES her class. She also loops which means that she will have this group of kids for second grade next year, too.
I had a little job to do today. I had to make a cake with strawberry filling. Here it is before I turned the other cake on top. This was a 9X13 double stacked cake, which is very hard to turn out without breaking it in two. Thankfully, I managed to get it done though!
I love the "blank page" stage of the process. This is my "canvas"
I usually make this cake with chocolate icing, but this particular customer wanted the icing to be white. I wasn't sure how that would look, but I was okay with the finished product. It's a lot of pressure to do a cake that someone is paying good money for.
Can I get an Amen, Melody?
This was a heavy cake, basically two 9X13 cakes stacked. It's hard to tell from the picture how tall it was. And now I am done!


ET said...

Oh, yum! Strawberry filling sounds heavenly! Who knew you were so multi-talented?!

Tasha said...

Well bust my buttons!That sure turned out cute!!Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I want one with chocolate frosting. When I try to do something like this it always flops or cracks.

Alana said...

YUM! I want some!

Fran said...

Gosh..that cake looks awesome! you go girl!!

The pix are adorable. The color of your daughters hair is just beautiful! :)


JP's MOM said...

OH MY...how I wish I could taste that right now!