Sunday, May 18, 2008

Can I Go Ride My Bike?

We've been hearing this a lot over the last few days.

Finally, after 5 years of trying, a broken elbow and some major fear.... Ethan has learned to ride a bike! He had convinced himself that he just couldn't do it and then broke his elbow trying. After that incident two years ago, he was genuinely afraid to get back on it.

About two weeks ago, we were at our pastor's house playing a game and the kids were outside. Apparently, one of their boys helped him practice on their bike and, well, here are the results.

(Never mind the garage, it's in serious need of a paint job!)


Fran said...

Well, look at him go mom!!! That is fantastic! He conquered some fear didn't he?? We praise Him even in the bike riding details of life!!


Rochelle said...

Whooooo hooo!! Great job!! My daughter took forever to learn to ride because after fall number one she refused to try again! I had to bribe her to get back on!

Alana said...

That is awesome! I'm glad he tried again!