Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Little Bit of Kylah to Brighten My Day

I have had a wonderful day with this beautiful baby girl. She is such a sweet child. She has the most beautiful, long black eyelashes. I don't get her very often, so I have been spending every minute playing, rocking and feeding her. She's laying right here next to me as I type, not quite asleep but very still. She loves her music. She will say, "music" and try to find her little raspberry pink ipod by feeling around all over the floor, not stopping until she has found it.

To look at her, you wouldn't know that she is blind. But watching her move about today has amazed me. The last time I had her she wasn't moving around a lot, but now she can walk and scoot by feeling for thing that are in her path. She is so smart, too. She will repeat every word that comes out of your mouth and she can count to 10 and knows all sorts of songs.

I watched her from age 6 weeks to 9 months and then her mom found a job in a pre-school with a daycare in it, so she goes there now. We have absolutely fallen in love with her, our whole family.

Kylah with her new "eyes". They do look so real.
"No Sally"
Kylah with her music.
Time for a nap. If you listen closely, you can hear her singing along.


Rochelle said...

What an sweet post. And what an even sweeter Kylah. Thank you for brightening my day!

Alana said...

What a sweetheart! I hope you enjoyed those cuddles!

Shelley said...

She looks precious! What a sweet pleasure!

Linda said...

I throw around the word "precious" a lot, but truly, she is.

Fran said...

What an angel!!! Did you squeeze the fire out of her?? :)

All is well from the beach! We got cooked yesterday so today is cloudy and rainy...THANK YOU JESUS!