Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pour the Water and We Shall Dance

I've told you about my green thumb, that is why I asked my mom to come down last night and help me with a little project. I have four plants that were getting too big and I thought that I would separate them and plant them elsewhere.

Smile for the camera, mama!
This would be the elsewhere, which is the front of our humble abode. Today I got the cement trim to put around the new flower bed and Ialso got some marigolds to plant in there. I will have to show you a picture of the finished project... when I get it finished...sometime...soon...I hope!
Sarah and Ben were supposed to be getting us the water that we needed to replant the plants. Aren't they doing a lovely job?

Yes, they were dancing. How could I be mad at them after that?


Anonymous said...

YOu just cant be mad. So cute good luck with the planting. Come to michigan and help me I have some that need to be moved too.


Fran said...

Oh, and I thought it had rained!

Silly me!

JP's MOM said...

I don't have a green thumb either.

Great idea getting your mom to help!