Friday, October 26, 2007

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Does anyone else remember these?
I remember making potholders when I was in elementarty school. We would make them all year long so that we could sell them in the garage sale that our mom had every summer. I think we would sell them for a nickel... which, looking back, was a stinkin' good deal!

Anyway, Sarah got a potholder kit for her birthday in September and she decided to get it out today. She did a good job with it, but got tired of it around the 10th band that she was weaving through. She said, "Mom, you can finish it if you want to."

I was all over that. After all, who doesn't enjoy a little walk down memory lane? I quickly figured out why I would sometimes get frustrated when I got down to the last couple of bands. All of the others would start popping off of the little "teeth". I also know now why I always had my mom take it off of the loom. I had a hard enough time doing this one, I can't imagine trying to do that part as a 7 year old!

My mom always used the potholders that I and my sisters made for her. Actually, she still does. I now have my first official homemade potholder made by my daughter...with a little help from me. :)


Alana said...


I think I was like Sarah and never finished any of mine. I've never been very crafty. It turned out great, though!

By the way, bloglines is a service that keeps track of blogs for you. You enter in all of the blogs that you read and it tells you when they are updated. I would be lost without it! I'm not sure how many blogs you read, but if you read many it is a must do!

Anonymous said...

I remember one year I made potholders for everyone for Christmas.I didn't even know they still made those things.Tasha