Monday, October 29, 2007

Chocolate pretzels,caramel apples and calories...oh, my!

I woke up this morning to one of the reasons why I have always wanted to live in the south...frost on the windshield. Enough frost that we had to use an ice scrapper to get it off. Two weeks ago it was 90, today it was 3o with frost. (sigh)

I have such limited creative thoughts, and for some reason, they have been almost nonexistent lately. I will just sit here and stare at the screen for what seems like forever. In the end, I log off and go do something else. The something else yesterday was making chocolate covered pretzels with the boys. I really don't know why we did that though, because the kids don't really like them and I certainly don't NEED them. They were pretty cute and it was totally worth the extra 10 laps that I'm going to have to run tonight!
Ben was in charge of the sprinkling
Ethan did the dipping...and the dripping!
The finished product
"What are you doing, Ben?" "Nothing", he says.

So, because that went so well, I thought it would be fun to make caramel apples today. I know, seriously, what was I thinking? Let's just say I'm gonna have to run a few more than 10 extra laps tonight!

Cassidy wanted to try the chopper.
Sarah and Ben were the unwrappers. Yes, they washed their hands.
The calm before the storm.
Everyone took a turn dipping apples

YUM!! Notice that the M&M's all slid down to the bottom of the apples. :)
A family that licks the bowl together...will probably get sick together!


Alana said...

What fun! I love fall treats...wish I could have a sample!

Suzi said...

Ahhh how fun!!! i want a candy apple,lol!

Suzi said...
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