Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Saturday, Part 1

We had enough activities on Saturday to keep me busy all week on this blog! This will be part one. On Saturday morning, we all participated in a 5K/ fun walk at our local trail. Eric drew the short straw and ran the 5K, or maybe I just signed him up for it.....can't remember :) Anyway, he ran and the rest of us walked. The walk was actually 2.6 miles and we actually did RUN most of it. Ben and Sarah love to run, but I think that this might have pushed them a little. Ethan did well just walking it, as he would rather do anything but run! In the end, we all finished it and had fun doing it.

Ronald McDonald was there too. The kids enjoyed a magic show and music. He was kind of goofy!

Eric likes to be in the back of the pack. His reasoning is that this way nobody will pass him up! He did a great job.

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