Friday, October 26, 2007

Gardener For Hire....

...not really. But Ben just had to get involved in the whole "getting ready for winter" outdoors routine Wednesday. I seriously do not have a green thumb, so the only plants that I have are the ones that require absolutely no attention until fall. And that only requires a pair of shears, or in Ben's case, a really dull pair of child's school scissors. Now, I'm sure that there is an art to cutting plants back for the winter, but basically, I just cut them all the way down the the dirt. I'm sure that there are little old ladies that drive by and cringe at the sight of me cutting away at my greenery!

Ben loves to pull weeds
I'm diggin' the yellow gloves!
I'm on my kids all the time about going out in their white socks, yet whose stocking-clad feet are in this picture? Those would be mine!
We had a good time working together.

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Suzi said...

He seems like such a sweet boy! What a good helper!