Thursday, October 18, 2007

Saturday.... the rest of the story

This is the final entry from Saturday. It's Thursday now, so last Saturday is starting to get kinda fuzzy! This is mostly going to be pictures.
Jillian's birthday party was at the carousel that we have at a local park. I guess it's one of only two Dentzel Carousels in the nation, or maybe the world?? Ben and Jillian have been buddies since they were babies at my mom's daycare.
This is Jessica and Emme. Emme also goes to my mom's daycare. She's cute as can be, but the shirt my mom got her for her birthday tells the story of Emme well. It says "My Halo is Out of Order!"
Ben and mommy
Saturday evening, our church had it's annual Harvest Party. An older couple in our church throws this every year. We had lots of fun. The highlight was ...... a hayride!
Awwww...fallish tree
I had to get this documented, Sarah and Ben were actually getting along!
The Falls
Since when do you take your GPS on a hayride?

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Melody said...

What great pictures! Looks like so much fun! And yes, I agree that you should get down here as soon as possible!