Monday, September 3, 2007

You've Got To Move It, Move It....part 2

The cousins being goofy
My sister, Michelle
My bro-in-law, Sean. And yes, that is my son's sunburned back. I am a bad mom. Who knew that they would burn in September... in Indiana? Beautiful Emma Lynn
Beautiful Erin Olivia...with my sister's kitchen brush that she uses on the dishes....or at least she did before Erin decided to use it to clean off the porch! Double Trouble with these two!

We had a weekend of movin' and shakin'! We started out with a flag football game and ended with an impromptu afternoon of swimming at my sister's house. In between we went to a wedding (Eric's cousin), watched Sound of Music (Eric was thrilled...not),went to church, celebrated our pastor's birthday and took a family bike ride. Tomorrow... back to the old grind.

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