Tuesday, September 25, 2007

This & That & 6,400,000 Calories

Last night, after supper, the kids did the dishes.... and I didn't have to redo them! What a blessing this was for me. They were trying to surprise me, but I knew what they were up to. I was so proud of them. I love my kiddos!
Speaking of last night, did anyone watch The Bachelor? He is from Austin. I think I might be hooked this season. I already have my favorites!

I try to do some kind of pre-school with Cassidy every week. Last Friday, we did the number 1. When Eric came home for lunch, we talked about what we did that morning. When Eric asked Cassidy what number we did, she replied with "monkey". Last time I checked, monkey was not a number, therefore I think I have a little more work to do!

Cassidy, coloring the number "monkey"?

One of my best friends, Tasha, and her husband are cruisin' the Carribean this week. I am watching their little girl, Maggie, while they are gone. Well, during the day anyway. She is staying with her grandma for the rest of the time. Anyway, she and Cassidy have kept me hoppin'! What one doesn't think of, the other one will. One word will describe them- Ornery! Take a look below to see what I mean!

Tonight we all went to the school to open up many, many boxes of candy. All three of the kids helped stack the smaller boxes as Eric and I unpacked them. The person that did this before me developed a wonderful system and it really didn't take too long (2 hours), but I have to say that I was sweating before it was all over. Now on Friday I have to deliver all of the smaller boxes to each classroom....that might take some time! They are labeled with each seller and divided into classrooms, so it's all good. I paid the kids with a candy bar....I'm all for cheap labor. :)

Just thought you might want to know what 20,000 candy bars looks like. Did you know that there are approximately 6,400,000 calories in 20,000 candy bars? Yep, it's true. Now don't you feel just a little smarter for knowing that?

All of the boxes that we opened
All of the boxes that still need to be opened!
That's me, sticking labels on all of the boxes. All those years of keeping a sticker album paid off. Who knew?!


Alana said...

Wow, that's a LOT of candy! And a lot of calories ;-)

Suzi said...

I feel so smart now;)

Wow, now I see why you are so busy this week!