Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kazoo For Sale

I told about a show we went to last weekend in a post a couple days ago. We had a good time, but at the end everyone received a kazoo. Not the kind that wears out either, unfortunately. So we're walking in the parking lot at church last night and what do I hear in my ear? That's right, Eric and his green kazoo. I did manage to swat it just right and it went flying, but even that didn't harm it. I told him I was going to sale it and I think I saw a tear well up. Seriously, he is worse than the kids when it comes to toys! I told him to take it to the PCD concert tomorrow night and maybe they would let him play back-up. He responded with "Okay, I can practice on the way!" Yeah, don't think so. With no kids in the van, I am looking forward to the silence. Besides that, I'm fairly certain that Randy would politely say "No, but Thank You".
So below is the kazoo that's for sale... well, not really, but it might accidentally on purpose get lost or something.


I have had fun with Kylah today. I don't get to watch her much since her mom got a new job that allows her to go with her. She is a good baby. I can safely say that she DOES NOT remember Eric. It is amazing to me that even though she is blind, she still knew every time that he was in the room with her. I kinda felt bad for him because she used to love him as much as she did me. Now she cries when he is even remotely close to her.

She loves to listen to music!

Cassidy was a little jealous. She really didn't like sharing me with Kylah.


Suzi said...

Cassidy is so beautiful! So, thanks for the poem that was funny! I hope your doing well! Your so lucky another PC&D concert!! You have to read my last post and after you read it you'll understand why I am wondering if I will be able to go to the Siesta Fiesta:I Let me know what you think.

Alana said...

Love the look on Cassidy's face...priceless!