Sunday, September 16, 2007

I Think I Have Blogger's Block

I have blogger's block. We just haven't done very many blog-worthy things lately. Our family did go to The Family Arts Festival this weekend. Our town has this event once a year and it is kinda fun. This year we made sand art, decorated banks to put our change in for the United Way, the kids got their faces painted and we saw a show called "Kazoobie". The show was the most fun for the kids and for the adults. There was lots of audience participation and, well, I got to do "The Twist" with lots of other "kool adults" on stage. At the end of the show all of the kids (and adults) got a Kazoo. We're not talkin' any old Kazoo either. These are good ones... and loud....especially when 4 kids (my husband is included) are playing them in the closed up van.
All in all it was a fun day. The temperature was around 67-68---- Yeah Fall!!!

I guess on the funny side of life, Ben got stuck in the trampoline springs(see below). We have always had a cover around the edge, but it started falling apart this summer, so last week I took it off. The kids are still getting used to not having a pad around the edges. We are going to replace it, but we just haven't yet. Ben covered his eyes with his sock in the picture because he was embarrassed and knew that it was going on the blog. That is the new thing around here."Here mom, take a picture of this for the blog." They just don't get how sophisticated this blogging thing is.... yeah right!

P.S. - I'm registered for Siesta Fiesta! Yipee!

Ben was embarrassed about getting stuck.
Chloe, my niece. I just threw this picture in because she's so doggone cute!

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