Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Pass the IcyHot Please!

Oh, my aching back! Now, I just know that you're all going to get at least a little laugh at my expense, but that is something that I am willing to live with. So this morning I had to work at the kids' school doing things for the PTO fundraiser. I had Cassidy, the little girl that I watch, with me. After I got there I remembered that I needed to add money to the kids' luch acct, so I got my checkbook and went to the cafeteria. Cassidy was having a particularly slow morning and was content to stop and look at everything on the walls from the door to the cafeteria. I picked her up to carry her because, well, I CAN'T walk slowly, it totally drives me nuts!! My legs just don't have a slow button. On the way back to the office to start my copying, sorting a stapling of 1500 papers (yep, it took forever) I decided that she was getting too heavy to carry so I put her down. Well, in that process, thanks to my allergies ("thank you Jesus, for my allergies"- I have to say that in order to not go insane!) I sneezed. Hard. and totally pulled a muscle in my back. It has gotten worse the longer the day has gone on. What is it with me and sneezing? First the mascara, now my back. And now I have a headache and the kids have piano and Karate and I have a PTO meeting tonight and...boohoo boohoo (do you feel bad for me yet??) :)



Alana said...

So sorry about your sneezing injury! Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

I have just about had with sneezing!I feel like that is all I do these days.Anyway,have you tried a muscle relaxer.That would make you HAPPY!I hope that you get better in a jiffy!Love ya!Tasha