Thursday, April 24, 2008

Let's Go Fly a Kite....Paging Dr. Ross, Dr. Ross to the ER...

It was a beautiful day in Indiana today. We had perfect kite flying weather and the kids had a half day of school, so we went out to our church's open field to fly the kites that the kids got in their Easter baskets.
We had such a good time. Ben was into it the most. He was so cute trying to get that kite to stay up in the air! When he finally had success, he would yell over to me, "Look mom, I did it all by myself."

We also took some basketballs and other toys and Sarah took her Heely's. The kids that go to the school at our church had gotten out and they were all playing four square. (I joined in, too!)
The ball got away from Sarah and she took off after it. I noticed that her shoe was untied, but when is a kid's shoe NOT untied? She picked up the ball and started to skate back over to the rest of us when the untied lace got hung in the wheel of her shoe and *BAM* she was down. She didn't really cry, so I thought nothing too much of it.
Then about 5 minutes later she came over to me and said her hand hurt. I took one look at her crooked pinkie and decided that we needed to make a trip to the ER.

After some x-ray's, the ER doctor (who, by the way, was NOT Dr. Ross) told us it was definitely fractured at the bottom of her pinkie and that they would splint it until we could see the ortho doctor.

In the meantime, our youth pastor and his kiddos stopped by with a root beer from the local hot dog stand and Sarah was good to go! Thanks Pastor Brian. I take back all the mean things that I have ever said to you! :p

Thankfully, the ortho doctor in town is a good family friend and I got to talk to him tonight. He is going to look at the films tomorrow and let me know what we need to do. I hope that it will be something that is not too bad and doesn't require a cast. That would kinda stink.

Sarah was tuckered out and fell asleep at 7. Bless her sweet little heart. I always knew she'd be the one with the broken bones. She isn't afraid of anything.

Here she is telling her friend, Mia, about her hand.


Shelley said...

Goodness! I hope it doesn't hurt too much!

That's something I fear, trips to the ER. So far we've avoided that (knock on wood, lots of wood), we've had a few mishaps, but they've all been during office hours!

Tasha said...

Bless her heart!Her whole hand looks swollen!!I think we will probably have some broken bones in our future.Maggie too has NO fear.But I guess I didn't either as a kid so I shouldn't be surprised.

Teri said...

Poor girl! Hope you get good news from the ortho. Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Hey we almost ended up at our ER too. My boys were playing and the older one 13 threw a stick at the younger one 11 and the 11 year old has a gash on the top on his head. Head wounds bleed sooooooooo much. Finally it stopped and all is well


JP's MOM said...

Poor thing! I hope she feels better soon.

We had a pinkie incident a month ago. So we know how that hurts.

Linda said...

Oh, she's so sweet. I love the pic of her sleeping. What a big day. she will always remember this one. Keep us posted.

Fran said...

As we say in the South...


That picture of her sleeping...oh goodness...that got me!

Hope she is doing ok. Praying for some quick healing.

Alana said...

Bless her heart, she looks so sweet in those pictures. Sounds like she is a trooper, hope it heals quickly!