Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

In case you haven't noticed, I am just pulling my Thursday Thirteen Thirty topics out of thin air. I hope that's how you're supposed to do it. Oh, and did you notice what I learned today? Yep, how to put a line through words!

Here is my topic for today:

Junk Drawers (I know you have one, so what's in there?)

1. leftover party favor bags
2. undo adhesive remover
3. a chuck e cheese picture of me & ben
4. smoke detector cover
5. ace bandage
6. a bag of keys to...something
7. a box of crayola classic color markers
8. velcro dots
9. sunglasses
10. Live with Regis and Kelly 3-D glasses
11. bag of magnetic frames (to put pictures on the fridge)
12. a mighty grip jar opener
13. a baggie of Bio-freeze (thanks Tasha)
14. a pill box with spot for each days meds.
15. 3 screwdrivers
16. a box of crayons
17. some red toy thingy
18. instruction manuels
19.a colorwonder paintbrush (yellow & pink & blue)
20. 2 chip clips
21. a golf ball
22. paints
23. keychain calculator
24. blue kazoo
25. 2 hand creams
26. 6 erasers
27. spool of thread
28. yellow highlighter
29. super glue
30. and like 30 pencils and pens

And because a picture is worth a thousand words...


JP's MOM said...

sounds just about like my junk drawer!

Rochelle said...

lol! That looks like a "junk" drawer I have in my school room! We don't homeschool anymore, but we still have our homeschool corner! I loved it! Yes, I'm weird!

Alana said...

Makes me want to organize. Do you have an after picture or were you just taking a picture for fun?