Monday, April 28, 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Crazy Best Friend

I got an envelope today in the mail from Asics footwear. Eric opened it, wondering what on earth I would be getting from them. As it turns out, I was one of the first 500 people to choose the winner of the Live with Regis and Kelly staff fitness challenge! It was one of those things that you enter and then forget about.

Well, I won a pair of Asics Gel 1130 tennis shoes! What a great surprise. I'll show'em to ya'll when I get them.

That's the good.

As far as Sarah's little hand goes, we went to the family doctor today because the ortho thought that it wasn't going to be something that they needed to see. Unfortunately, they were wrong. Our family doctor told us that her pinkie was "angular" and that he couldn't do what it's going to take to straighten it. I don't know about you, but that doesn't sound to me like something that is going to be a fun time. We go Thursday and Eric is going with us because I don't want to see or hear whatever they might have to do. Surely they will put her to sleep if they have to set it, right? The thought of it makes my stomach turn.

I'll keep you posted...

That's the bad.

On a lighter note, Tasha and I went to our last Bible study tonight. Actually, we went out with the girls from our study. On the way home she asked me to stop at the mini mart so she could get some ice. I told her I would as long as she didn't fall out of the vehicle again. She promised.
This girl has a serious "Sonic" ice fetish. She walked out with THREE ginormous cups of ice. Three. cups. of . ice.

She has actually looked up the price of an ice maker that makes the Sonic ice.
$2,500.00 ~ in case you were interested.

That's the crazy best friend!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Teri said...

The good: YAY!
The bad: Boo Hoo.
The Best Friend: I have one of those, she started an ice chewing thing when she was pregnant with her third child. She had the baby and kept the habit. She likes that soft ice too. She lives in Florida, 1200 miles from me. this post made me miss her so!

Shelley said...

Our sonic will sell you a bag of ice, their fabulous ice, for the bargain price of $1.79. That might be better than the three large cups!

JP's MOM said...

Yum Sonic Ice. I think those bags Shelley is talking about are like 5 pound bags!

$60 a week for 6 people in groceries...please have your sister give you the tips and share with all your fellow bloggers because that is AMAZING!

Alana said...

Yes, you should have her ask them if they'll sell her a bag!

Anonymous said...

I know when my son broke his arm they did not put him out they just made sure he was not real wit it. He does not remember them setting it but I do. He was awaje enough to yell yeow!!!!!!!! But doesnt remember.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

The shoes: YIPPEE - how fun!
The ice: Nutty stuff ;)

The finger: UGH! So sorry to hear it.