Sunday, February 3, 2008

New title...Same ol' me

*UPDATED* Way to go New York Giants* You Rock*

First thing first, I changed my blog name! I really like the new look, and the title really identifies my daily life! I don't think a day goes by that I don't ask that very question. I have a silver tag hanging from my rear view mirror that say "mom's taxi"... it's very fitting. Thank you to those of you who gave me your opinion on the matter!

As I'm sure is true with most families, every day here is different. We have the good ones and the bad ones, but every day is a blessing whether we're learning from it or reaping the rewards of a lesson finally learned. I'm not even sure if that sentence makes sense!

Oh, I know what I mean!

I do have a question for my internet friends. The kids have been earning an allowance now for about 3 weeks and the kids have decided that they want to give Jesus 50 cents of their $2.00. I was so proud of them to make such a great decision. Well, this week they wanted to give Jesus a dollar of their allowance. We didn't know what to say because we have also been teaching them about saving so much money each week, too.
So, what would you tell your kids? We told them that it was very good of them to want to do that, but while they are learning about spending, saving and tithing they should just stick with the 50 cents. I know, it's a hard question!

We are watching the Superbowl tonight. Eric made all of the kids an invitation with money in it and then he took them shopping to get the snacks for the game. They were each responsible for bringing a certain item. They loved this so much. My hubby is so creative!
By the way, I didn't have to bring anything because I am his date! :)

See that wallpaper in the background? That will be gone soon, hopefully very soon. I hope to get the kitchen done before the trip.

Oh yeah, I went shopping today for some new things for the trip. I got this top at Cato, along with a couple others. I also got THE PRETTIEST black dress with bead work on the front for one of the formal nights and I tried on another dress for the 2nd dressy night on the cruise. They didn't have my size, so I am going to a different town tomorrow to hopefully find one at the Penny's there. Our town only has Penny's, Sear's and Cato, so I have limited choices. Dern.

I might just have to take pictures tomorrow and post them so you can see what I got. I would do it tonight, but they are ALLTHEWAYUPSTAIRS and that is just too far to travel right now!

Just look at what it's doing outside! Enough of the snow already...please.

Much love to you all,


Fran said...

Well, since you asked....I'll throw in my two cents on the tithing thing....I say let them give as they want too.....their mood will change weekly and there will be weeks when you hear "I don't wanna give my money to Jesus!"

Just saying. We've had that happen many of times around here.

So....let them give as they want too. See what happens.

You asked...I answered! :)

GO GIANTS GO! That was one awesome game.

Rochelle said...

I like the title of you blog! Describes me! And GO GIANTS! :)

Teri said...

I agree with Fran on the whole tithing thing. Here is my take. The heart of giving comes from the Father. The enemy would never lead them to give. With my kids, we have tried to teach them that stuff is just stuff and money is just money. We use stuff and money to get by in this world, but we never have to depend on it. Our dependency needs to be on the Lord, because HE provides for our needs. My kids are incredible givers. Usually when a freind comes over to play, they leave with something my kids have given them. There are parents who try to keep their children from giving stuff away...but I am pretty much open as long as it isn't something that has been given to them by someone special. Before my kids decide to give something away I always pull them aside and have them count the cost of it and usually they just want to go ahead and bless their friend. My thoughts are..."How can I stop them from wanting to bless someone?"
Have you ever heard of the "My Tithing Bank"? It is very cool and a great way to teach good financial responsibility. Our kids get an allowance. They give 10% to God, save 40%(which we match dollar for dollar if they decide they want to invest in a bond.) and they get to keep 50% for spending. The coolest thing is, they are learning how to save for something they want. They are learning that if they go to the store and want something, they have to bring their money. (I am pretty strict on this one...NO LOANS!) And they are learning that having a long term savings plan always reaps rewards. (You should see the look on their face when a savings bond comes in the mail...they are beyond excited!)
Sorry this comment is so long, but I love sharing this info with people. I was NOT taught to save or to give...this is something near and dear to my heart because I see it working in my kids!

Darlene said...

Hi, Darlene. I'm just coming through to add you to the CWO blogroll.

Melody said...

I saw this new blog name in my bloglines, and I was thinking, "I don't remember a blog by that name" So, I clicked it, and it was YOU! I like it!

And YA-HOO Eli and the Giants! I must admit that was a good game no matter who won, but oh my did I root for Eli and the Giants!

As far as the tithe thing goes, I told my kids how much of their allowance needs to go to the church and why. I also designated the amount that goes into their savings. The rest they can do whatever they want to do with. Sometimes, they spend it on themselves, sometimes on each other, and sometimes they give it to someone else who they think needs it. So, in my opinion, if they are tithing and saving, they can choose to spend, save, or give extra offerings to the church, as they choose. I just thought for mine it was important to establish a tithe and savings habit into them. Obviously, when they are older this will be their decision to make, and I just hope that it will be so ingrained into them that they will just do it because it's the right thing to do.

Alana said...

I like the new look! And that shirt? Cuuuuuute! The snow is long gone here, it was in the high 70's today. So strange, but nice!