Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Kitchen, part 2

(Before you get started, I will tell you that this is a very random post and I didn't spellcheck it, so, sorry!)

Here's an update on the kitchen. We worked all day yesterday and it's still isn't done. I am going to get it all put back together today...hopefullly!
I should say that we know that we won't be in this house forever, so I made a few changes on what I had orginally planned. This is so sad, but I bought all of this stuff to do the kitchen ... 2 years ago!

I know. Procrastination at it's best.

I had bought some border, but I have decided that I don't want to leave it here. It could help or hinder a sale, and I just love it, so it's going with me...wherever. I'll use it in the house that we know we'll be at for awhile.

I have to cook for an international dinner at church tonight. I have to make a mexican dish, so I am making Keith Moore's (Beth's hubby) King Ranch Chicken. It is so good. It might be more Tex-Mex, but it's close enough for me!

Last night we were coming home from the in-law's and we were forced to the side of the road by the nightly 10pm police run down our street. Every night around 10 the police cars go speeding down the street with their lights on. We never know what that is all about, so last night we followed them. Guess where they ended up?

The local Wal-Mart....all 6 of them. One at each entrance and 4 inside. What? Who knows.

Here are the kitchen pics, so far.

Have I told you how much of a brat my hubs is? The other night we went suit shopping. He needs one for the cruise. He has not had one since he graduated from college and needed to find a job. He hates them with a passion. The suits, not the job. :)

Well, we went to Penny's and can you believe there was a suit on the 75% off rack that was just his size? I couldn't believe it, how cool. Anyway, I had him try it on and do you know what he did? He came walking out with the jacket tucked in the pants! He complained the whole time, the WHOLE TIME. "Why do I have to wear a suit on vacation? I don't get that. It's vacation." Men.

I would rather take my 7 year old daughter shopping! :) He is such a pain...or goofball maybe, but I love him and wouldn't trade him for anything. He took this picture. Can you feel the love?

I love my new stars! Actually 2 yr old stars, but they've been in a box at my mom's.
I love my wallpaper! (see above, ha!)
I love, love, love this border. It's not going up, it's staying with me! It would have really made the kitchen grand though!

There will be more when I am all finished.

Have a great weekend!


JP's MOM said...

LOVE the border!

I can see why you would want to wait.

Lysa TerKeurst said...

I have those same stars sista!

Love them! Love them!

And I'd love that recipe you mentioned.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

LOVING the stars!

So great. Have fun!

Alana said...

Looks great so far! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Fran said...

You are doing fabulous!! I am so proud of you! And, you are maintaining fun, joy, and laughter! :)

Keep it up! Thanks for the pix. You are precious!