Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Embarrassing Moments...

My life is so full of embarrassing moments. I'm not talking about the ones that are brought about by my kids, I'm talking about the moments that I bring upon myself.

Oh, there are soooooo very many.

Take this morning for instance. I always start my blog reading with Linda @ 2nd Cup of Coffee. She's funny and smart and a fellow Hoosier, so I instantly loved her blog.
Anyway, she talked about Teri in her post today and Teri's blog happens to be one that I love to read too. She's very wise and I appreciate her knowledge of the Bible so much.
I got all ready to leave a comment and that's when it happened, the phone rang or something happened that destracted me (which is not very hard to do), and I got all confused. I started in on my comment and got Fran, who I also love, and Teri all mixed up and I felt so bad later on when I realized that I had done that. Did I say that it was more than an hour later when I had the thought that I messed that up? I could have cried right about then. So, I left a 2nd comment on Linda's blog explaining what a dork I am sometimes.

That was this morning, this is what happened last night. Mortified would be a good word to describe how I felt after this incident!

**The following is kind of a girly story, so if you are male you could leave now and I wouldn't be offended at all!**

As I said in my last post, I decided to hit the running track again last night. My initial thought was to go to the Y and walk 2 miles on the track. Therefore, I only wore one sports...supporter . When I run I wear two, one regular and one tank that is a size smaller. All of this is under a t-shirt and usually a sweatshirt. You will know why I do that if you keep reading. Last night I decided to also forego the sweatshirt because it was unusually warm for February.
In our Y, the track is above the pool which has a large plexiglass wall on one end so that all the mommies can watch the swimming lessons. This is also the main hallway in the building.

Well, I get done running and I am walking a few laps and I look down to see one of the teachers from the kids' school. He was on the PTO board last year, so we know each other. He looks up and waves and I wave back. A couple more people walk by and look up and continue to look as they walk. I didn't think anything of it really because that is pretty normal, for people to look up at the track as they walk by. I went downstairs to the women's only section to lift some weights and stretch. When I walked in I noticed the girl on the bike take a second look at me and that's when I got a little self-conscience. I walked into the weight room and turn to the wall with the ceiling to floor mirrors and gasped. What I saw was two of the largest sweat spot on my shirt about 1/2 way down. Can you guess what they were under?


To top it all off, that teacher is on carpool lane duty all week. Great, just great.


Fran said...

Oh I tell you what....I'm sorry but I'm dying over here!! Ya see....I could only wish that could happen to me!! Ha Ha!!

But, I'm sure you handled it with grace and maybe a little bit of an embarrassed face! :)

Hope your day was wonderful and that dress in the post below is wonderful!

You go girl...I'm proud of you for running. And..one more thing...you will absolutely LOVE Breaking Free!


Alana said...

Oh dear. Maybe he didn't notice??

Teri said...

That is so funny. I am sorry it happened to you, seriously. It is times like that which causes us to stay humble!
And I am with Fran...I only wish that could happen to me!

JP's MOM said...

Oh my...hopefully he wasn't too observant.

When these embarrassing moments occur in my life, I just smile and think at least i have something funny to blog about!

Good luck in the car pool lane.

Linda said...

Oh Darlene, how I feel for you. But can I tell you my feminine horror? I show through undergarments right there. THAT is also terrible! Thanks for the shout out about my post today. And I'm sure Fran and Teri and Teri and Fran know who they are, and we've ALL done it, so just let it go, Girl!