Friday, February 8, 2008

Fun Friday...Visiting Retroville

After the kids went to bed last night, Eric and I sat down to watch some T.V. Of course, there was nothing on, so Eric decided to watch the IU basketball game...booorrrriiinnnggg! I love football, basketball not so much.

While he was watching, I thought it would be fun to get on YouTube and find the theme songs for some of the shows I used to watch. We had so much fun doing this. I would find a song and he would try to guess what it was. Some of them were pretty easy, some were not.
Oh well, it kept us occupied until Scrubs came on, so it was worth it! We are easily entertained around here.

Here are a few of the shows that I miss. Children's programming at it's best!


JP's MOM said...

Those are definitely classics!

Did you have the punky brewster hi-tops?

You can bet I did!

Shelley said...

What memories! I've been catching up on your blog. It sounds like we just might have similar daughters, that on/off switch is amazing! I've got a little break for 24 hours or so, my mom took the girls, and all I can say to that is THANK GOD FOR MOM!

I can't wait to see your kitchen! I really want to paint mine!

And, your weight loss is truly inspiring. I just joined Curves this week, and so far I love it! I've got about 60 pounds to lose, so wish me luck!

Rochelle said...

This was a fun trip back into my childhood! I need to get cable so I can watch this stuff more often!

Alana said...

That was quite a trip down memory lane!

How's the kitchen coming?