Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Vacation Pictures - Part One (of many!)

I don't know about ya'll, but there's just something not right about wearing a swimsuit and shorts for a solid week and then having to go home to turtleneck sweaters and jeans. Ya'll feel bad for me, right? :)

I have SO MANY pictures to share with you! I want to start at the beginning, but I am still folding laundry today. All of the summer stuff is going back into a tote~~ which makes me a little sad.

I've put just a few on here today, but they don't even begin to show all of the fun. These just show you who we got to be friends with.

I will tell you that we ended up in first class on the way down. They had overbooked our flight and needed people to give up their seats. Like 15 people. We waited around and I told Eric that if it got down to two people we would give ours up. Well, sure enough they came on and said that two people needed to be on this flight to catch a connecting flight in Ft. Lauderdale to the Keys. It was the last flight of the day to the Keys. So I looked at Eric and said, "Let's do it." So he turned on our little light and gave them our seat numbers and we made our way out of the plane. They radioed our seats up to the lady at the counter and she started the process of boarding the two passengers. In the meantime, a couple in first class decided to give up their seats and beat us to the counter. They took the last two seats on the flight through Memphis and we were stuck. Weeellll, then the seats that they were in on the original flight showed up on the computer and the lady was like, "Wait, we can get you back on this flight in first class." Thank you Jesus!!
So we got to fly first class for the first time and it was great! We actually got a meal and it was pretty good! I'm pretty sure everyone around us knew we were first class rookies. After all, who else would take a picture of their lunch? I am a self proclaimed dork!

Can you see the relaxed looks on our faces?
These girls would probably kill me if they knew I put this on here! But seriously, they all looked stinkin' fabulous! This is a group that came on the cruise from my cousin's church. It was so much fun getting to know a little bit about them.
This picture was taken at the first formal night dinner.
These are our table friends. Bridget, Teri, Tammy, Dee, me, Eric, Ken, Dave, Tim and Chuck. This night we decided to sit ladies on one side, guys on the other. We are all sitting across from our spouses. Wonderful people and new friends.
This was at the farewell concert. These are more of the people from Randy's church.

This is a shot of all of the artist. I have separate pictures of all of them that I will be posting soon. There is just so much that I want to tell. I will be doing that soon. Unfortunately, we came home to the death of a good friend and Eric came home with Bronchitis, so we have been pre-occupied with all of that. If you would pray for the Abberger family this week, Joel passed away Sunday after battling brain cancer for over a year now. Pray for his wife Ginger and their 3 kids, son-in-law and daugther-in-law and new grandbaby. They are a very special family to us.

As for the little gift for my giveaway, I pondered getting this...
and then I thought about getting this... (So, JP's Mom, are you nervous yet?)
In the end, I decided on this cute little bracelet. I absolutely loved it. I bought it in Curacuo at a sweet little shop right on the beach, ran by the nicest lady. I promise I will have pictures of all of that posted very soon.


Alana said...

I can see how relaxed you are! So glad you had fun. You were missed in blog world!

ET said...

Sometimes God rewards us for those little acts of obedience almost instantaneously. ;) Glad you got to fly first class - how cool is that?!

Also, very sorry for your loss. I will def be praying for the family.

JP's MOM said...

So cute!

Honestly either of the first two choices would have been adorable in my little AJ's surfer room! :)

I love curacao! Well as long as you end up on the right beach and not the n*de one that is!

How fun was it going into the port and feeling like you were so close to touching the land! Strange feeling huh?

Can't wait to hear more!