Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's a Sunshine Day!

Look at what we got to do today! The kids were so excited, and so was I!Here is who filled my day with laughter. She is so funny, just like her mama!
I'll end with a little blast from the past. I love me some Brady Kids!


Fran said...

Oh I know! The weather is just beautiful....wasn't it just snowing here a week ago?!

I'm so glad you had a great day and the Brady Bunch clip makes me want to get up and do it with 'em!

Have a great day...

Melody said...

It's supposed to be 90 here today, but at the moment, it's still cloudy and gloomy.

Did you happen to see Maureen McCormick on "Gone Country"? She is so different than I expected, but she is such a truly nice person. She really cares about other people...and she doesn't care who they are. Amazing.

Shelley said...

I used to watch the brady bunch everyday after school! What memories!

Alana said...

The weather has been great here the last couple of days, too!

I'm jealous of your trampoline. I've always said you can't be sad on a trampoline. Enjoy the fun!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

We've been doing lots of trampoline jumping recently!!! Such fun.