Monday, March 17, 2008

It's Everyday Life Around Here

Judging from my sorry post yesterday, I think I have hit a road block once again. Although I may be busy this week, the interest factor just isn't very high here. There is just not much going on that is blog-worthy.

The kids have been into the Easter books this week. We talk a lot about the true Easter story, but we also join in on the excitement that is the Easter Bunny. We have several hunts coming up this weekend, so they are looking forward to that. I am cherishing these years because soon they will think that it's lame to hunt eggs. Of course, I'm 32 and I still love it! But I also take pictures of my airplane food, so that's not saying much. I'm going to be a kid as long as I can be.

I threw this picture in just for Linda over at 2nd cup of Coffee. She had a similar picture up the other day, but I think mine wins the imaginary bloggy ribbon for cuteness! Don't get me wrong, I love me some LB, but this kid has his mommy in the palm of his hand!

Hook'em Horns!


Alana said...

Everyday life is good.

Linda said...

Too funny! I truly did not know what people were doing when they made this sign! He is a doll. I mean, er, handsome!