Monday, December 3, 2007

When you're the best of friends, spending so much time together...

Actually, we don't get to spend too much time together; that is why we've been looking forward to this night for some time now, the three of us. We are the best of friends. I just couldn't imagine life without my friends. Few are blessed enough to find that certain person that you connect with on many levels. You're hearts are stitched together.

I am fortunate enough to have three ladies that I call best friends. I have such unique relationships with each of them. We are all in different seasons of our lives.
One is a business owner and mother of 5, her youngest being in 7th grade. She is my advice giver and a very busy lady!
One is a few years younger than me with one child and one on the way. She is a stay-at-home mommy most of the time and works a couple of days at a vet clinic. I can count on her. I would say that we are the closest to being in the same season of life.
One is MANY years younger than me, is in college studying to be a nurse and has wedding bells in her near future. She and her future "Mr." have a dream of being missionaries someday, when and wherever the Lord leads. They will be a great doctor/nurse team!

The common thread between us all is Christ. We all love the Lord and are striving to serve Him in whatever capacity we are able. I couldn't think of a better thread to share!

With all of that said, I was able to attend a sleepover last Friday with two of my three very best friends. Tiffany & Tasha have been best friends for a long time, but about 5 years ago I joined the friendship. I started going to the church that Tiffany's dad pastors ,and the rest is history.

We had such a grand time eating, watching movies, eating, dancing, eating, giving gifts, eating and talking. Tiffany wanted to fix us dinner and did she ever! We had the best time.

Here is some of the spread that she fixed for us. It was surprisingly healthy.

Before the eating started

Tasha, me, Tiffany

Yummy! That's steak and shrimp on the top and veggies on the bottom. This was the most fun that I have had eating. You cook as you go.

After dinner, we cleaned out one of our little trays and melted chocolate discs for....

....the strawberries, bananas and apples! Oh, and that's Sparkling Pear Cider in the glasses. We don't need alcohol to get crazy!

Next, Tiffany wanted to show us some swing dancing moves that she has learned. This was pretty fun, or maybe it was just funny. Nonetheless, I would love to take swing dancing lessons. I would like to be able to dance on the cruise, but my husband said that it would be hard to do without a partner. I guess that's a hint.

The quality of this video is not very good. sorry!

Tiffany's dog had 10 puppies three weeks ago. They are SO CUTE!!!

I got Tiffany and Tasha "the blanket" from TJ Maxx. Thanks Alana!! I am also going to take them to the Phillips, Craig and Dean concert in two weeks. Merry Christmas!

Here is our movie watching kit. Hairspray, High School Musical, and LOTS OF CANDY!! We made popcorn too. I pretty much felt like cr*p the next morning! Totally worth it though!

In the meantime, apparently my daughter found a new hidden talent. All that I could think of was that she was going to hit her head when she sat up, but she didn't. Watch below to see what I mean. Crazy kid!

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Alana said...

What a fun post! Time with friends is the best. Did they love their blankies? Yay!

Loved the video of your daughter...especially the proud look on her face when she was done!