Saturday, December 15, 2007

The snow held off, and I think it was just for us.

This was it. The weekend we've all been waiting for since October. I think that I have been spoiled lately. I have been able to spend more time than normal with my friends, and it's been fun.
This weekend we traveled to Michigan to see Phillips, Craig and Dean and do some serious shopping. What's more fun than spending four hours with your friends in a van listening to PCD, VeggieTales and Jake Fabry? (wink,wink Suzi) A couple hours into the drive we saw some outlets and well, you can't pass those up now, can you! So we stopped and shopped.
Speaking of shopping, Tasha and I cleaned up at The Children's Place outlet when we happened upon tights for .19 a pair.
Yep, you read that right, 19 cents.
They were regular $4.50 a pair, marked down to 99 cents and then they rang up at... you guessed it, 19 cents. I called my sister, the one with the twin girls and she was SO EXCITED! She is always looking for a good deal since she has to buy double. I got her 33 pairs of tights in 3 different sizes for $6.65. I ended up with one extra pair for some reason. Oh well, for 19 cents...who really cares? This was one of the happiest moments in my shopping career. I was so proud!
After we got to our hotel and cleaned up and changed, we headed out for supper. We decided on Macaroni Grill. Our waitress was Tina. She reminded us of Debra off of Everybody Loves Raymond, or the hot tub lady off of Saturday Night Live, we couldn't decide. She was awesome and so kind as to take our picture.
Next, we headed of to the concert. This was the best concert yet. They sang so many great songs. We ended up in the second row, which was awesome. What a wonderful time of praise and worship, mixed in with some fun and laughter.
Here's Randy, singing "Sleigh Ride"

After the concert, we got to spend some time with Randy and Dan. These guys are so nice. Here is a sample of one of the conversations:

Tiffany: So Randy, can I ask you a personal question?

Randy: Sure, okay.

Tiff: What's it like being Darlene's second cousin?

Randy: (laughter)

Tiff: Because I'm like kinda jealous that you get to be her second cousin. I want to be her second cousin.

Randy: (more laughter)

Me: Thanks for that, Tiff. (as I try to find a place to crawl into.)

Don't worry, I still love you babe! So then they wanted to know who all had been to a concert before. Tasha and Kim had, but Tiffany hadn't. She did tell them that she sang one of their song with Encounter for two years and did sign language with it. They asked to see it and she did it as they sang along. This totally made her night.
This morning, we all got at least 500 phone calls telling us that we needed to be careful coming home because of a big storm heading our way. We weren't really worried about it. We didn't even hit snow until about 20 minutes from home. We were thankful for that.

Tasha also woke up today with a bad headache. Because she is expecting, she can only take Tylenol, which basically does nothing. To make a long story short, she tossed her cookies and had to get out for some fresh air. Thanks for the memories Tasha. Love you much! She did fell better after that. (Notice the blankie Alana)

This was Kim's first outing with the three of us. She will never be the same.

I needed wiper fluid and even after I added it, it still didn't work. Sounds like a job for Eric. I swear I poured it in the right little thinger. Not too convincing am I?

In the end, this will be a time that I will always remember. I am so blessed to have these friends.

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Alana said...

You guys seem like such a fun group! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I love that your friend had her blankie with her!! I'm cuddling with mine now ;-)