Saturday, December 8, 2007

Jingle Bell Shopping

We have had some week around here! Eric was gone all week with work and that's always a hard thing. Last time he was gone for a week, Ethan was the only one in school and for some reason, that was easier than having them all in school. I think it was the homework and cutting and gluing. Oh and the checking of Ethan's 6th grade Math. Did I mention that Eric does this? I can handle First grade Math just fine, but when you start getting into Algebra-- forget it. And I can't forget the beautiful snow that we got on Wednesday. Eric usually shovels too. And I just have to mention the 2 hour delay, because the week WOULD NOT have been complete without that! I love the challenge of trying to fit 5 hours of errands and housework into 3 hours.

The highlight of the week was working in the Jingle Bell Shop at the school. This was actually very fun. It was great to see the excitement in the children's eyes when they came up to pay for the gifts that they picked out and had just enough money to pay for it. Quality isn't the issue here, but the joy that these kids got out of picking out their own presents for mommy and dad, sisters and brothers, grandmas and grandpas... it was priceless. Some of the things were pretty nice for the price. I will have to let you all know what my kids got for me. They worked very hard to earn spending money for the Jingle Bell Shop. I am sure that I will love whatever it is. Even if it's a fake single stem rose that has a "rose" smell. Those things sold like hotcakes! Very affordable at 1.75!

We all couldn't wait for Friday at 4, which is when Eric walked in the door.

Yeah, daddy's home!! (I can sleep again!)

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Alana said...

The Jingle Bell shopping sounds like so much fun!

Glad hubby made it home!