Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Trotin'

I made it! And obviously, I'm still breathing. I did think that I was going to heave though as I was running up the last hill... but I managed to hold it together!
We had such a good time this morning at the Turkey Trot. There were over 300 runners, this is more than they have ever had. I was pretty happy with my time of 43min40sec. (or so). I shaved over 5 minutes off of my time from last year, I was excited about that. Eric finished ahead of me by about 3 minutes and David, my bff Tiffany's man, totally blew me away. He placed 9th overall and second in his age division. Go David!
The Lord was so gracious in giving us a wonderful morning to run after we had a whole day of rain yesterday. I'm talking downpour people. There was no snow or ice... it was perfect.

This is David and me, after the race. Yeah, the hat was staying on. Talk about hat hair!
Daddy and Ben
My mom came and walked the mile with the kids. Sarah and Nic, my nephew, finished first and Ben was second. They ran the whole mile! Ethan stayed with my mom and walked it.
This is Staci(pink), Melinda(red) and Jessie. Staci is Eric sister, Melinda is married to his older brother and Jessie is her daughter.
David with his awesome clear blue plastic, kinda glassy looking, trophy. You go David, you are a machine. I think his time was 25min.40sec. ...or something crazy like that!


Alana said...

I like that hat, it's cute!

Congrats on finishing the race...great job!

Melody said...

Woo-Hoo! Was your Turkey Trot a 5-K? I wasn't able to do ours here, but I did get out and do my 3 miles around the neighborhood. I was only able to shave about 3 minutes off of my previous best time however. It was so cold and windy my legs just didn't want to move forward!

I was definitely glad that I went ahead and ran though when I was eating all that pie later in the day!

Great job!