Thursday, November 1, 2007

At his high school graduation we'll be saying,"Remember when..."

Ben's kindergarten class used a pumpkin yesterday to learn about predictions. They all had a paper that they filled out with their predictions on things like how many lines where on the pumpkin, how big around is it, how much does it weigh, and how many seeds are in it?
All was well until they got to the pumpkin seed part of the experiment. All of the kids took turns scooping out the insides of the pumpkin so that they could count the seeds.

Nobody had predicted what was about to happen...

Ben's turn came around (he wasn't last, which plays a big part in this whole story) and he started scooping. Well, apparently the smell and feel of the seeds and slime where a little more than he could handle because the next thing you know....

he tossed his cookies... right into the pumpkin.
Yep, the boy has been taught how to "hit the bucket", so to speak.
Experiment time was officially over.
This is where him not being last comes in, as there were a few of his little friends that
were.not.happy. that they didn't get to scoop. Mrs. Peterson, jokingly, told them they still could if they wanted to, but they all declined... good thing.

So last night for our church's Harvest Fair, Ben dressed up like a doctor. One of the teens asked him if he was going to be doing surgery on them when he got bigger. Eric told her, "I don't know, the last time he open something up and stuck his hand in, he threw up."

She changed her mind.


Alana said...

Bless his heart! He looks good as a doctor even if he doesn't have the stomach of one!

Suzi said...

How cute is he! Did your other two dress up?

Suzi said...

This was hillarious! Poor little guy!