Thursday, November 15, 2007

Missing My Girl

I miss having my girlie-girl around every day. The Dr. that her mom worked for moved to another city, so she isn't working right now. It's kind of quiet around the house during the day. It makes me feel a little sad, so hopefully a job will come open and I'll get to watch her again soon. You know, when you watch a child from 3 months old on, you get a little attached! I love my Cassidy-girl.

I could just squeeze the stuffing out of her!

You can't see them, but she has on purple wings under her coat!
As you can see, I've rubbed off on her!

1 comment:

Alana said...

She is a cuuuutieeee!

I've been meaning to ask you how you've lost the weight? You've mentioned it before in your posts. Just curious your method since it seems to be working so well. You look great!