Friday, November 2, 2007

My kids & two kids in thirty something bodies

Today was awards day at school. I was so proud of all three of the kids. Ethan got A/B honor roll and Sarah & Ben were both Academic All-Stars. They all do so well and we are very proud of them.

This afternoon it was nice enough out to play in the yard. When Shantel got here to pick up Cassidy, we decided to go out and show off for the kids on the trampoline. I am sure that I will have a headache for the next three days, but it is a small price to pay for the sake of my children's entertainment. We had a ball with them. In the second video Ben is crying because when he did a flip on the trampoline, he kneed himself in the nose. All is well though, nothing was broken or even bleeding. And as you will see, I was terribly concerned.

Go ahead and laugh at us, we already have. I really don't think that I will ever grow up -- It's something that I am willing to live with!


Alana said...

I'm impressed by your flipping! Also, I love trampolines! And the video. I was trying to upload some video from Richie's soccer game, with the video feature on blogger, but couldn't get it to work. I guess I could try it on you tube.

Congrats to your kiddos for their good grades. You must be very proud!

Anonymous said...

You guys could totally take that act on the road!Thanks for a good chuckle!Love ya~Tasha

Anonymous said...

I would be terrified to do that!

Yay to your kids on the awards!

Alana said...

Darlene, go to Bloglines, click on Feeds...then can then add the URL of the blogs that you read. It will create a list on the left hand side of the page and keep track of when they have been updated for you!

Awesome, huh?