Friday, August 10, 2007

Would someone PLEASE turn off that alarm!!

Monday morning 6:45, Tuesday morning 6:45, Wednesday morning 6:45, I think you get what I'm saying here. There is a watch lurking in our house somewhere that is set to go off at 6:45AM---- AND WE CAN'T FIND IT!!!! This is becoming quite an annoying thing for me as I am more of a 7 or 7:15 kinda girl. We have turned this place upside down trying to find it and of course I'm not going to get up at 6:45, when it's going off to try and find it. Now, I realize that 6:45 is probably late for a lot of you and starting next week(school will be back in session)I will probably be thankful for it. It's just the fact that I can't find it that is driving me crazy!
Here is another little somethin'. At supper tonight a kid walked in with this shirt on- "Studies show that 5 out of 4 people have problems with fractions." That cracked me up! :) LOL

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Suzi said...

Oh, that's so annoying! We've had a mystery alarm before too, hope you find it! The shirt thing was cute too! Have a great weekend!