Friday, August 31, 2007

Girlfriends are the Best!

Waiting for the movie to startA picture, before we head out
Tasha --- Love Her!!
Tiffany -- Love Her!!
Tiffany scaring the, you know, out of me! (reenactment)

I thought that since I hadn't posted in awhile, I would do just that this afternoon! We had such a busy Thursday--goodness. First, we made a trip to the salon so that Ethan could get his hair cut. Mercy that kids got the thickest hair! Then there's Sarah with the baby fine hair that hasn't grown past her chin.....ever. poor thing. Maybe by the time she hits high school!

Next we headed on over to the football field for practice. Sarah and Ben are getting quite good at flag football...and it pretty cute to watch too. After that hour we had to make a pit stop a none other than, yep, the golden arches. We had 15 minutes to eat (in the van) so that we could make it to Meet the Teacher Night for Sarah's class. THEN at 7 o'clock we had Open House for all three of the kids!

And because I didn't feel like I had been on the go enough already, I took in a movie with my girls, Tiffany and Tasha....the late showing, of course! I got home around one-ish, but we had a blast together. I'm tellin' ya, these girls are crazy, crazy, crazy!! The night started out with Tiff scaring the you-know-what out of me when I pull into the church parking lot and she comes tearin' out of the cornfield all crazy-like. I made her reenact it so that I could get a picture of it. It's not a very good picture, but it gets the point across! Next, we picked up Tasha, who forgot to put her clothes in the dryer, so she had to throw something together--she did a "bang up job" if you ask me. The next stop was Fazoli's for some carbs, Target---just for fun,and then we went to see Hairspray. Let me tell ya, this was such a fun movie. Do you know, they played that movie just for us---- we were the only people in there, so there was lots of dancing...oh yes there was. The three of us have so much fun together.... it doesn't happen too often with the busy lives we all lead.

I am SO EXCITED about the Siesta Fiesta --Yippee!! It will be so fun to see all of the wonderful blogging siesta that go.

I hope that everyone has a great Labor Day weekend. I think that we are going to have a beautiful weekend!


Alana said...

Girls night out is the BEST! Glad you had fun.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Hairspray! GREAT Movie!!!

Darlene R. said...

Yeah, my husband asked me how it was and I just said "You wouldn't like it, it was definately a chicflick" I loved it!