Saturday, August 18, 2007

Precious Kylah

Today we went to a birthday party for the little baby that I watched last school year. I don't get to have her this year because her mom got a teaching job closer to home and there is a daycare available where she works. I was sad the day she told me that I wouldn't have Kylah because this little girl has made her way right into my heart. Our whole family loves her to pieces! (Ben says he's going to marry her someday) I was hesitant to keep her at first because she is blind and I wasn't sure that I could take care of her. I admit that I was a little scared, but doggone it if she hasn't been anything but a true blessing! I think I've worked out a way to get her a couple times a month..... I have to get my Kylah fix! One of the things that I love to give her is Eskimo kisses and I did that ALOT last year. When I held her today, the first thing she did was lean into me until her nose touched mine..... she remembered that. I think she's going to be very smart!
Kylah, you're a precious gift.

Happy 1st Birthday

Figuring out who has her

Love those kisses

One day this spring----I didn't know what to do with her, so I just took her picture!

Ben and Kylah last winter

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Anonymous said...

How sweet is that baby! What a blessing she must have been to you and your family! How sweet that she remembered your kiss! Precious!