Sunday, August 12, 2007

This one is for the Siestas!

Okay, so this morning I was putting on my mascara when all of the sudden I felt the urge to sneeze. Sneezing and mascara don't mix.... at all. You just cannot sneeze without shuting your eyes...... tightly. Unfortunately, it takes longer than 2 seconds for mascara to dry.Needless to say, I was a little frustrated at having to wipe off and re-apply! Thankfully, that wasn't a sign as to how the rest of my Sunday was going to go. It's been grand, but I think allergy season is upon us because I have been sneezing ALL DAY!


connorcolesmom said...

That drives me crazy when that happens. I usually start saying "oh no oh no - achoo!!!"
My husband just laughs - he has no idea what a pain it is - hehe
Thank you for visiting my site - I really like yours.
Love ya siesta,

Suzi said...

I hate when that happens:)
I have allergys too and it seems that they are even worse after moving here to Texas! Glad you had a good Sunday!