Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gobble, Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving!

I pray that you will all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with your family and friends this year. We are going to go to my parents house tomorrow and then to Eric's parents on Sunday for lunch. We always look forward to the day with family. In the busy-ness of our lives, we don't get to spend a whole lot of time together.

Ben had a feast at school today. His class dressed up as Indians. I thought he was a pretty cute one. :)
On Monday, I did make it through the trip to the deer processing plant. I actually had fun...and they let me use a knife...a sharp one! ha!

I was going to post some pictures, but decided against it.

Your Welcome.

Here is the group picture that we took at the end. These kids did a great job and never complained one time about the job that they were doing. I have really grown to love these kids.
Here we are sportin' our new hats that the plant gave us!

By the way, I will not be posting Turkey Trot pictures this year... I'M SLEEPING IN!!

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