Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fun Times With Friends

We love spending time with friends. The Lord has blessed us with some great ones. One of the things that brings us together is the fact that our kids are all around the same ages. They all seem to get along pretty well, too. Another bonus is that we all go to church together and because of that, we are pretty much family.

Last night, we were able to get together with some friends to play hand & foot. (Gretchen and I beat up on the guys pretty badly! heehee)
While we played cards, the kids played a game called "Bible Baseball" and Clay said something that was so cute. He's in 4th grade and is just one of the cutest kids. It was his turn to answer the question and he said, "Oh man, I just can't put my tongue on it!" It was so funny! He meant to say that it was right on the tip on his tongue and he got it mixed up with I can't put my finger on it! Cute, cute, cute!

Anyway, I decided that I have been a little lax on picture taking lately, so I took the camera along with me.

Here are a few snapshots from the night:

This is a silly one...a perfect fit for this crew. We were missing a couple of boys from another family that couldn't join us. We almost went over a kidnapped them for the evening! We missed having them all there with us.

Ethan and Clay, playing some football!!

Clint was begging me not to take his picture... I won though.

Wyatt and Ben are in the same class at school. They love their teacher and she thinks they are pretty okay. She is a Christian, but can't really teach anything to the kids about it in the public school, so she lets these two goofballs teach the kids a new song every week from church. There's nothing in the rulebook about that!
Well, that is pretty much how our Saturday went. I hope you all had a good one, too!


Leah in Iowa said...

Your "Giving Thanks" list looks so good - and much like mine! =) We have alot to be thankful for, that's for sure! Thanks for joining in this month. I hope it's helped you realize how blessed you are!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rochelle said...

What fun!! And I love all the pics. There is nothing like the sound of laughter and I could tell there was a lot of laughter going on in those pics!!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

There's a lot of personality going on there! Happy Thanksgiving, sweet friend. You bring joy to my life here in Bloggyland.