Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ok, I'm finally gonna break out the Christmas music

It's a cold day in Indiana. Actually, it has been a cold WEEK here. Have I mentioned that I don't much care for the cold?

Well, I don't.

Anyway, we have decided to break out the Christmas music and DVD's today. Our kids have been begging for awhile now, so we have finally given in to them. One of the things we did this year to save some money was to get rid of our big cable package and go to the very, very basic. I don't really watch it much, so it hasn't bothered me at all. So, I am sure that because of the lack of stuff to watch on TV, I will be hearing these Christmas DVD's over and over this season!

As far as Christmas music goes, I have been listening to our Cantata that the choir is doing for a month or so now. It never hurts to listen to that as much as possible! Ethan has a speaking part in it this year also, so he has been listening, too. I am anxious to listen to some of my favorites that I dug out today...

Up in the attic, down on my knees, lifetimes of boxes, timeless to me...
(sing along now)
Letters and photographs, yellowed with years....

Not to mention Sleigh Ride and The Chipmunk Song, Away in a Manger, Silent Night, What Child is This, there are so many that I love. What about you?

In other news, Ben did get his cast off on Wednesday. His foot is still not totally healed, so he has to wear his new boots all the time for the next three weeks.

Oh, and he can't run or jump for three weeks either....yeah, that won't be hard to handle! He's a six year old little boy! I almost wish that they would have put another cast on! That would have been easier. :)

On Monday, I get to go to the deer processing plant with the high school kids from Ethan's school.

This could be interesting.

I make it a point to not look at the meat in the grocery store a whole lot, so I think I am in for a interesting morning.

How do I get myself into these predicaments? Maybe I will post a video or some pictures next week.... :)Kidding.

Just because I'm going to be grossed out doesn't mean you all have to be, too...I guess.

I will leave you with this...

I'm singing, I'm in the store and I'm ssssiiinnngggiiinnggg.....:)


ourprecious4 said...

So with you on the christmas music! I broke it out yesterday while I was cleaning... I LOVE this time of year ( well not the cold).
Go Ethan! Study hard! :)

So "have a holly jolly evening, its the best part of the day!"


Tasha said...

We SOOOOOOO need to get together and watch ELF!"Baby it's cold outside".Love ya!

Shelley said...

We put our tree up tonight, and listened to the new Travis Cottrell Christmas cd! Nothing's on it yet, but hopefully tomorrow!