Friday, November 14, 2008

This Boot Was Made For Walkin'

Whoever came up with the clever boot that fits over a cast so that someone can walk and not have to use crutches must not have had a six year old little boy in mind when developing the idea. I can safely say this after a month of watching Ben get around in this thing.

It took him approximately one half of a day to figure out that yes, you can indeed run in a cast and boot... and I don't mean a slow jog. I'm talking full-out, first grade, little boy running!

Here is Ben's cast now, almost four weeks after being put on...(notice the chunks of blue cast that are missing)
This was four weeks ago... look at those sweet, little, clean toes.
Oh and the boot. This poor thing has been through it! Can you see where my husband had to sew it together? One month of wear and tear.
One. month.
We go back to the doctor on Wednesday. I am really hoping that the cast will be gone after that. I have to go find a good pair of hard-soled hiking boots to take with us. Doctor's orders.
Any suggestions?


Shelley said...

No clue on the hiking boots, but I can totally see how it would only thake him 1/2 a day to run. Boys!

Tasha said...

Try Rural King or Dunums for boots.Poor little guy!

Alana said...

It wouldn't take Richie long to figure out the running thing, either! Boys will be boys ;)

Fran said...

How perfect and precious is this? I'm tellin ya....ALL BOY!!!!

Let us know how Wednesday goes.