Friday, October 10, 2008

Stop With All the Beeping!

With the fallish weather that we have been having, I have had our windows open during the day.
I kid you not, there is a bush right outside the window where my computer is and there is something in there that keeps beeping.

And it's driving me nuts!

It's been there for two days. I am assuming it's some sort of bug or creepy crawler. It doesn't really sound like a cricket though.

If you turn your volume way up and put your ear against the just might be able to hear it!


I say this in the video, but I'll write it anyway. Yesterday, Eric and I went out to investigate and when we walked up to the bush...the beeping stopped. I am not lying. We walked away...beeping.
We walked back up to it.... no beeping.

It sounds kind of like an alarm...or a bomb. :) Yeah, that's probably a long shot.

We are off to a cookout at our friend's house. Hope you have a happy weekend!


Heather said...

It sounds like a cricket. We get those that sound like that. At night....

ocean mommy said...

GIRL!!! THAT IS WHAT IS LIVING RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR BEDROOM!! Off and on for about 3 weeks that dumb cricket or whatever it is has been singing to us all hours of the night. I feel for you!!

Have a great weekend.

Suzi said...

That's so annoying! That has happened to us before but not with a bug a little computer organizer thingy, the alarm on it went off at 4AM for months until we figured it out!

Suzi said...
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Alana said...

I'm not sure I heard the right. What I heard was like a Cricket or something, I think??? Let us know if you solve the mystery!

Tasha said...

Here's what you need to do.Set the bush on fire!Or get a can of Raid and unload the whole thing!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I only hear crickets, but surely you know what that sound is. And they do stop when you get near them.

Fran said...

I liked hearing your voice again!
I know...I'm sappy and miss the SA girls. :)

I can't help ya with the bug...just pray he dies.

jennyhope said...

I think it is a bomb!
I am missing you!!
Praying for flaming swords to protect your house.